Space Corps is an ongoing comic series which gives the account of a platoon of Space Marines fighting in a planet-hopping campaign in an intergalactic war.

PAGES Updated twice monthly!


Lance Corporal Taylor
After the Winnower invasion of Earth, Deven Taylor decides to enlist in the Space Corps. Confronted with the realities of war in alien environments, Taylor struggles to stay not only alive, but sane.

Corporal Hive
A collective swarm of alien bees, Hive often finds himself in conflict with the fiercely individualistic members of his squad. He may be tough to get along with, but he’s the first to sacrifice for the greater good.

Lieutenant Adelinda
The reptilian survivor of a dead planet, Adelinda’s personal agenda is limited to preserving the genetic history of her people and avenging the loss of her family. Adelinda’s war will end when either she dies, or the Winnower homeworld suffers the same fate as her own.

Captain Brockett
Taylor’s company commander is Capt Brockett, a lithovore who survives solely on minerals. He finds himself in the position of leading his troops into combat against the Winnower invasion force.