This is a story Joey Groah and I started working on a few years back. Space Corps got pushed in front of Zombielad after Joey introduced me to his good friend, Bryan Richmond. Let that be a lesson to you: never introduce your artist friends to your writer friends.

In truth, I’m glad we waited to tell this story. I needed to grow a bit artistically in order to be able to do it justice. While there is still room for improvement, no doubt, what we’ll be posting here will be better than what it would have before I had a few hundred comic book pages under my belt.

We have quite a lot of work done on these, so we can post a page every week or so for the near future. This isn’t what we do for a living so we’ll ask for forgiveness on any posting gaps in advance. Nevertheless, as has been shown, even if there are gaps, we take our projects to completion. This is a story that won’t let go of us, so one way or another, we’ve got to get it out so we can be free of it.

Stay tuned!