Look, I’m not going to lie.

Right now, everybody and their dog is at Emerald City Comic Con and we’re not.  How’s my emotional state?

Allow me to take a self-inventory:  Hm.  Not good.

If you’re at ECCC, we sincerely hope you’re having a great time.  Go get some comics.  I hear that they have a lot of them there.  A lot of really, really good comics.  I hear Emerald City is truly a comics pilgrimage, which unfortunately I have yet to take.  I am still a heathen, one of the the unwashed.  Go meet your favorite creators.  Discover new titles.  Get some sketches.  Find some long-lost back issues.  Wear a funny outfit.

Paul Allor’s there.  So is Amy Chu.  So is Daniel Warren Johnson.  And Max Dunbar.  So is just about everybody who’s anybody in the  comics crowd.  Go say hi to them.

I’ll be here, typing away at my computer and looking forward to Denver Comic Con.

Sigh.  Maybe next year.