Time passes on our peaceful moon.

We’re drawing close to the end of issue five, and it’s hard to believe this first arc only has one issue left.  We tried to make this issue fairly balanced with action/humor/pathos: one moment the crew is using a tank turret like a hermit crab, the next they’re getting blown up.  Hopefully you like the final product.

When Gannon and I come up with these stories, there are long conversations of “bits” that we want to include in the final product.  We often don’t know how those sequences are going to play out until you’re reading them on the page.  All we can do is try to tell the best story we can, and wait and see if the reader responds to it like we did.

I like this comic.  I’d like to think that you’re still reading it because you like it too.

Bear with us;  we’re making this up as we go along.