What’s going on?

First of all:  Happy Veterans Day.  We thank you for your service and sacrifice.

If you’re feeling a sensation of deja vu while reading this page, it’s not your imagination.  We’ve condensed Living Breath short story from Issue #0 into just a couple pages here.  Just trying to maintain some sense of continuity.  Go back and read that if you want a bit more insight into Deven’s head while he’s, uh, losing a limb.

Next up, had a great time at the Rocky Mountain Con last weekend.  Some really talented people ’round these parts.

I had a great catch-up session with Shawn from The Specialists.  If WWII-era superpowered webcomic shenanigans are your thing, you should go check it out.  Every time I’ve bumped into Shawn, he’s always been very free with his wisdom.  He and Al Fukalek have been cranking out their story for a while, there’s a lot of comics there to dive into.

Also bumped into into Jason Kent at the con.  Jason’s a science fiction novelist, who’s also retired Air Force.  So if you’re looking to dive into some military science fiction novels, go take a look at what he’s going on.



Anything else?

Nah.  Catch you next week.