When we first decided to do Space Corps, the first story we roughed out was the 8 page short-story, Living Breath. We were originally thinking about only making a pitch comic, but one thing lead to another and here we are over a hundred pages later still making Space Corps.

Living Breath is a short story about Deven getting wounded. You don’t need to read it to understand what’s going on here, but we still think it’s a pretty cool story.

For those who have read that story, you’re now getting the context that surrounds it, and in the next few weeks, will find out the events that follow it.

In other news, today is the Marine Corps birthday. It’s a pretty big deal in the Marine Corps and no doubt Marines around the world are thinking about the brothers and sisters they served with. That’s not just figurative in my case, as the military service has been a family affair. If you’ll permit me a little pride, I’d like to share a little about my family.

(Back: Cam Beck, Dennis Beck Jr., Gannon Beck Front: Dennis Beck Sr. and the best protected woman in America, Cathie Beck)

My dad joined the Marines after growing up with stories of Marines on Tarawa and Iwo Jima. My grandfather served in the Navy in those battles as a Sea Bee. (Cpl Hive, by the way, is full of bees as an homage to my grandfather.) The Sea Bees were craftsman, but on Iwo Jima the were sent in on the 3rd wave by mistake. They were there to build fortifications and such, my grandfather was a welder, but they nevertheless saw heavy fighting.

My dad joined the Marines out of high school and went to Vietnam. There he served at Khe Sanh as a heavy equipment operator. While he was there, he was wounded by a grenade during a firefight, and was awarded the purple heart.

After coming home, my dad’s brother was drafted in the Army for a tour of duty. After only a few weeks in Vietnam, he was sadly killed in an ambush, leaving behind a wife, a yet to be born son, and an extended family that never stopped feeling his absence.

The highest honor a son can give a father is follow in his footsteps, which my two brothers and I did. My older brother (I’m the middle of the three of us), Denny, was the only one called on for combat duty, which he performed with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines when they helped liberate Kuwait in the first Gulf War.

Of course, when you’re a Marine, the bonds extend beyond blood to all those who have worn the uniform. To all of you who have done so, happy birthday and Semper Fidelis.

Also, since I won’t be posting tomorrow, happy early Veteran’s day to all who have served in uniform, but especially to the family I’ve previously mentioned, and to my wife (Navy), my brother-in-law (Air Force), my father-in-law (Air Force), and my Uncle George (Army).

Family 2
(My wife reenlisting in the Navy in Misawa, Japan many years ago as I swear her in with the enlistment oath.)