I don’t think I posted this yet, but here is an image of one of the coins from the Kickstarter campaign. The good folks at Coins for Anything did a great job for us.

Space Corps Coin

In doing these coins, I wanted to invoke something from one of the stories from Space Corps #0, but also make it somehow personal. Accomplish your mission–whatever it is. Git ‘er done, my friends. Git ‘er done.

One of my missions, of course, is to keep drawing this story arc so that you all can enjoy what Bryan and I have been cooking up. Having this coin on my desk serves as a reminder to keep working towards the finish–to keep piling up pages of Space Corps awesomeness. To that end, it looks like we’re on pace to keep publishing two pages a week through the rest of September, and all through October. It’s far from accomplished, but at the present, the mission is going well.