We’re back!  Bryan here.

Gannon and I are in such a tough spot right now.  We have so many cool announcements we want to tell you about, but we just. can’t. do it yet.  Space Corps is in a very good place, and we have some really exciting news we can’t wait to share with you.  We’re so stoked to be able to give you comics on a regular basis again.  As you can tell, Gannon’s art has made a huge paradigm shift and the last three issues of the first story arc are going to melt your eyeballs.

We want to thank everybody for their patience, particularly our Patreon and Kickstarter supporters.  Making comics isn’t our day job, we both have full-time careers that keep us and our families sheltered/fed/clothed.  We make Space Corps because we love comics and we love the characters, and your support directly helps make this story happen.  We really can’t fully express how grateful we are for your help.

Last thing:  If you’re in the Northern Colorado area, I hope you’ll drop by the Fort Collins Comic Convention on September 12, 2015.  I’ll have a table there with copies of Space Corps #0, so come by to get a cool comic and a firm handshake.  We love meeting our readers, and we’ve yet to meet one who wouldn’t make a fine Presidential candidate.  Stop by, and we can start discussing the launch of your political campaign.

You’d make a great President.  Just look at your taste in comics.  And I hear your competition doesn’t even read comics, so you’ve got this in the bag.