We didn’t want to say good-bye to Santiago…which is exactly why we did.

Originally when we were planning towards the first combat issue, we envisioned introducing a character in issue #3 that would die in issue #4. That seemed to us to treat death, and therefore life, with less respect than it deserves. The running joke in Star Trek, of course, is that if you have a red shirt, you’re an unimportant character that’s marked for death–except, Scotty. Somehow he kept dodging the phasers. Scotty aside, red shirts are barely introduced in the series before they are killed and quickly forgotten, with little or no remorse.

The thing is, in life there are no red shirts. Every death means something to someone–probably everything to someone. In order to dramatize this point, we had to lose a character that meant something to us. Losing Santiago wasn’t what we wanted to do, but as faithful custodians of the story, it’s what we felt we had to do.