I’m having trouble coming up with anything to say here.

Sorry, I guess?

I remember vividly when Gannon and I first came up with Santiago Cazarez.  We knew Deven needed someone to help him navigate his new life as a Space Marine, someone who could guide him through that transition from civilian to soldier.  I remember we came up with Santiago’s life entirely in a chat window.  His history, his personality, his strengths, his relationship with Deven:  they all fell into place so naturally.

Santiago is the ideal Marine:  devoted, service-oriented, and clear-headed.  He is the pattern.  And Deven is going to spend the rest of his life trying to measure up to Santiago’s example.

This is a war comic.  People are going to die.

Again, sorry.  

P.S.  The Doom Beneath is now out on Android and iOS.  Go download it and play an interactive comic that I wrote.  Maybe it’ll cheer you up.  Maybe not.