We’ve been trying an experiment on Facebook. Because we are using a 16 panel grid for the book, the pages break up surprisingly nicely into a daily strip format. We’ve been running daily strips on OO-RAH.com’s Facebook page.

What we’re hoping to get out of this is just to get more people reading the story. Also, by focusing on daily content that breaks out to between one to four panels, I can chunk up the work a little more. Because of this, I’m fitting the work into smaller and smaller cracks of time. The result should end up being about 6 pages a month instead of 2. The final pages will be posted here like always; however, you can get a daily dose (at least on weekdays) of Space Corps here:

OO-RAH.com’s Facebook Page.

Facebook’s album feature makes a pretty good comics reader as well, especially in full screen mode. Broken up into pieces like we’ve done for the dailies, it’s like a poor man’s guided view.