The most exciting thing about working on Space Corps has been seeing how Gannon interprets the scripts he gets.  A simple scene of some poor folks getting their heads smashed in gains so much more depth by the time it leaves Gannon’s pencil.  Observing the final product and comparing it to how the original scene was written is a treat.  Something so simple as a surprising camera-angle on a panel opens up possibilities that were unimagined during the scriptwriting phase.
What I’m trying to say is, this page is awesome, and it’s way more awesome than the way I originally wrote it.

And that’s because Gannon Beck is a crazy-talented, art-making monster.

Boy howdy, we are down to the wire here.  You really really need to donate to Joey Groah’s Kickstarter.    There are three days left to go.  Joey’s writing, Ryan Cody’s art, Paul Allor’s editing.  Make this happen.

Take care.