Cpl. Hive beating up chumps.  That’s what this comic is all about.

How’s your week going?  Doing good?  Keeping busy?  Eating healthy?


We have a bunch of news things for you!  More things!

First item for your attention:

TOMORROW we will be giving away a special sketch cover print edition of Space Corps #0 on our Facebook page.  Stop in and enter in the drawing, so we can give it to you.  Here’s the sketch cover in question:

The fact that we are just giving this away fills me with rage.  Jealous, jealous rage.  So, there’s that.

ALSO:  Next week is New York Comic Con!  Gannon and Joey will be in attendance.  But let’s not talk about the convention.  Let’s talk about the Space Corps crew are insane.  Here’s how insane we are:  They’re riding a train to the convention.  They will be on the train for about seven hours.  And while they’re on that train, we’ll be making a comic.

It gets insane-er.  We’ll be posting pages as they’re completed, and letting our Facebook friends suggest ideas for the story!  It’ll be like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, on a train, with space marines!  Only comics.

Did that make sense?  Sure it did.  Come by the Facebook page and we’ll post some more details.

See you Thursday for the next page.

Bring a mop.